[Confession]The story about the virus.....

Hello MOHAA,

As I've seen recently, AlphaMAC.exe has been detected as a virus. I tried to hide that virus as good as I could from antivirus software but as time passed it became clearer and easier for antivirus software analyzers to detect my deeply hidden virus inside AlphaMAC.exe.
For that I have to say, I am really sorry. I am going to shutdown AlphaMAC as a result of this scandal.


I bet that's all what trouble makers and cheaters in MOHAA community wanna hear.
Hell no it ain't gonna happen!
AlphaMAC has no virus!
I'm not dumb enough to create "Trojans" for the players of a 16 yo game !
Again, There is no virus inside alphamac.
What about this antivirus thing ?
Simple, Alphamac uses anti-tampering software solutions to try to prevent hackers as much as possible from modifying AlphaMAC.exe. Unfortunately, this same type of software is used by malware and virus creators to try to hide their malicious files from antivirus software(remain undetected). As a result, AlphaMAC was falsely flagged as a virus/trojan/malware.
This is a common false-positive and happened in earlier versions in AlphaMAC before.
Don't believe me ?
The current version's virus total report https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/dd664fbfb3b59f164326517e6563554b74ee92b5a2e064a8ecdf7530103013fb/detection

Most of those detections are "Trojan/Generic".
Generic does not mean 100%. In fact, https://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/other_w32_generic.shtml clearly states that "Generic" has a possibility of false positives.
The other types of detections are "We're unsure if it's a virus" or "You might not like this".

Still don't believe me ?
I've reproduced AlphaMAC.exe , version 1.0.9 multiple times using anti-tamper software. Here are virus total results:



Surprise! for the same application with same source with the same everything it's detected as a virus but this time not a trojan.
This dilemma has always existed for alphamac. In the past I individually reported the false positives to 2 or 3 antivirus firms but now it's over 18 so I can't keep doing that.

I should also note that there are other 40-ish antivirus software that picked up alphamac as clean. Usually it's not that much for a real virus.

Alphamac is not a virus, it's just a bunch of false positives.