Regarding anticheat's future.....

Ok, I've been hiding this for long enough.

The anticheat was a great journey for sure, it is still, but there are some points I have to clear.

I first did the ac because of the backlash of mohaac being down, it caused a lot of tension and issues between clans. Accusations too.

I've made some promises I'm afraid I can't keep, well at least if I'm doing this alone.

Anticheats are really hard to develop. There are alot of aspects that need to be covered. I know how to cover them BUT I cannot do that all by myself.

Currently alphamac can exploited by someone who has some programming knowledge. I cannot protect it alone.

I cannot continue developing the thing all by myself. It's just too much work. My current focus would only be on bugfixes.

if you someone who can help in development.
pm me.
Sorry :(