Thanks to our donors and beta testers!

I'd like to thank all of our donors to this day that kept the program strong and running:

Also huge thanks to our beta testers, these are the ones that helped testing the program:


Sandman helped reporting bugs and promoting the anticheat to the mohaa community and detected a few bypasses for the ac.
Along with the fact that he donated twice to help keep the program and mohaa alive should give a clear picture of how helpful he was :) .


Special thanks to Sla$h!!.
He did incredible work testing the anticheat. In fact, he tested it more than I did and helped a lot in bringing stability to the program, reporting bugs and suggesting new features to be added to the ac.

Sla$h did a lot of work that is equivalent to another developer helping in the anticheat.
Therefore he has to be recognized for his contributions and hard work done in this program.

Thus, the mohaa community and server admins/owners should treat him with a lot more respect.

He's a close friend of mine and any problem he faces will be considered directly a problems with me. Abusing him will be considered abusing me as well.

It's time to give everyone the credit they deserve.

And as always,