Thoughts on "Pure But Suspicious"

Hello everyone, I'm very happy that everyone is trying to keep MOHAA alive since day1 of release.
Let's discuss this issue:

ok, at first it sounds like someone is cheating, which is the opposite of the reason this status exists. let's take a look at player status in details:

"Online" : Means the player is connected but did not launch MOHAA yet.
"Joined" : Means the player is Online and has joined the MOHAA server.
"Pure" : Means the player is Online and Joined and doesn't have a single infraction(ie.Stock Player).
"Dirty" : Means the player is Online and Joined and has 1 or more infraction(s).
"Left" : Means the player is Online but not Joined.
"Offline" : Player not connected.

ok , what about that "Pure But Suspicious"?? : Means the player is pure but needs further admin inspection , THIS DOES NOT MEAN PLAYER IS USING CHEAT, could be a false positive, this status is removed manually by the admin.

This status is used because there some parts of the game that the anticheat can't tell are clean or not, so certain files are uploaded and I or any admin check them periodically to tell if the player was cheating or not.
hope this is well demonstrated, as for website errors etc i've fixed them.
ALWAYS REPORT ERRORS from report issues link in the top of website.

next update will be containing:
1-Fixes for multiple ip forms of the same server (ie. and and
2-Server closed connection when uploading files issue.
3-Server owner will be able to block/allow certain cvars/commands/mods in their servers.
4-"5 players are active and pure on this server" message.