Roadmap & Thank you for your support!

Yet again, the mohaa community proves to be active and alive!
The few donations granted in the past few hours should keep us up and running for a few more months.
I'd like to clear again: Nothing is ever sent to my own pocket. I by no means profit from these funds. They are put directly to serve the mohaa players and community !

Current and previous donors will have bonus access to new features while in development.

If anyone is wondering what improvements will happens once I have time for the project again, here are some of them:

-Major improvements + Version 2 release: completely redesigned and built from scratch with experiences from the past version.
-War manager + support.
-Xfire alternative.
-Gaming ladder/tournament support.
-Spearhead & Breakthrough support.
-Other games may be supported too.
And as always,
Keep MOHAA Alive !