Initial Release: AlphaMAC Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome everyone to the first ever release of the long waited anticheat!!!
I proudly introduce to you my beautiful piece of code:


  • Full cheat detection of any sort of cheat that is used in mohaa.

  • Screen shots and demos.

  • ip:port based instead of matches.

  • [Beta] Infraction fixer.



Click Here To Download!

I recommend downloading MOHAA from this website as it is the most compatible MOHAA with the program.

More Features to come ,
Be careful with the infraction fixer, it is still beta.It may delete clean files in your mohaa directory.
If you have any issues report them using the link in the top of the website.

Well. That's all folks ! You can start using the program and mess around with it or the website, any feedback is appreciated.