Thin Sniper Scopes - explanation

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CrazyThunderbird Hi guys,
I wanted to explain to you here what the " Thin_Sniper_Scope" is all about.
I simply took the original sniper-scopes and replaced them with "high-res" files, so that on high resolution monitors the sniper-scope doesn't cover the whole head.

People who play with 2560x1440 or even in 4k should have noticed this problem long ago.

Guys I hope you'll give them a try, since they increase atleast my experience a lot.

You'll find 2 files in the Zip container in the Download section:

  1. zzz-stockthinlinescope512x512.pk3

  2. zzz-stockthinlinescope1024x1024.pk3

The 1. is for users where the SMALLEST resolution of their game is BELOW 1024px  but OVER 512px!
The 2. is for users where the SMALLESTresolution of their game is OVER 1024px!

seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_customwidth "1920"
seta r_customheight "1080"

So if you're using 1080 as in my example, you can use the 1024 file.

I would recommend all users that play with a smaller resolution to use the 512 file.

Maybe some of you guys still remember me so, Best regards your -> oRiginals* Cr@zY Thund3rb!rd

For full size, please follow the links:
Axis Thin
Axis Stock
Allies Thin
Allies Stock

Here are a few comparison pictures!
Axis Thin:
Axis Stock:
Allies Thin:
Alies Stock:
Juwel it gives infraction could u guys fix it ?
Sagiv cant use it as it gives infraction
RyBack @Juwel @Sagiv, fixed.
Krayz1e_SouLja Sweet Thanks for the scope fix!