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RyBack Some cheaters out there might fake the AlphaMAC message. Here is how to detect them:
Tools: AlphaMAC running, player status command from rcon or admin menu:
To see a list of active players using AlphaMAC , press CTRL+L and open console.
-If suspect is in the list:
If alphamac message client port number is the same as his "qport"/"client port" from rcon/admin menu status, then the player is all good.(unless alphamac shows he is dirty ofc)
If port numbers are different, that player is faking the #AlphaMAC-> message and should be banned.
-If suspect is not in the list:
That player is faking the message and should be banned !

0 screenshots is a bug but if the above instructions lead to "the player is cheating" then you should ban him too!
Keep catching them cheaters