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Hello AlphaMAC Team. :D

Does AlphaMAC work if you forget to press Ctrl+L? An example:You start playing MOH:AA on X server,press Ctrl+L and right away AlphaMAC shows your status:

1: You,Yourself=Status Pure,ID Channel/ID Code...
2: Player 2=Status Pure,ID Channel/ID Code...
3: Player 3=Status Pure,ID Channel/ID Code...
4: Player 4=StatusPure,ID Channel/ID Code...

and after a few min of playing,AlphaMAC shows status for the player who is not on a  AlphaMAC list. "Player Xfahfkag,Pure Status...ScreenShoot 7" Does that mean he,s/she,s running AlphaMAC but he/she didn,t use Ctrl+L command or does that mean he/she is using Fake AlphaMAC status? Even if you leave the game the little pop-up window show status for 4 players(Left,Pure,Pure,Pure) but it doesn,t show any status for player Xfahkag.

Thank you for your answer(s) and help.

If "Xfahkag" has different server ip, he's not faking it.
If it has same ip, he might be faking it.
Take note that I'm assuming all the info given here are not missing anything
Generally: If player sends messages ingame but is not on AlphaMAC list, he's either:
a) not running AlphaMAC 
b) not running AlphaMAC on the same server ip