Adding allowed files/cvars/commands to your server.

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RyBack Well he's claiming to be the massiah so he can do super natural stuff lol. 
celtus Custom crosshair :/
RyBack It is possible if server owner allows it via AlphaMAC website, however they will be deemed as "Clean" and not "Pure".
"Clean": Player uses stock MOHAA + Allowed files/cvars by server owner.
"Pure": Player uses stock MOHAA only.
Neat , isn't it? :D
MrSandman Have to give it to him, all that trouble to add a stupid custom crosshair into AM server :P
That by itself shows the dedication towards a crosshair
RyBack Nope. It could be a custom mod pack. 
Ramachandra I had the map snipervalley and it marked me as dirty
RyBack @Ramachandra: AlphaMAC only allows stock mohaa files, snipervalley is not a pure map.