Adding allowed files/cvars/commands to your server.

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RyBack In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to modify your server to allow certain files/cvars/commands so you can experience the most out of this anticheat.
Certain files examples: mods/admin menus.
Certain cvars examples: r_overBrightBits.
Certain commands examples: cinematic.

Adding files:
To add a file, you need to choose a rule type of MOHAA file/ Main file.
The rule name field is the file name (eg. zzzzz_adminmenu.pk3)
The rule value field is the md5 checksum of the file, you can find the md5 checksum of a file from here:
The rule action field specifies the action the anticheat should do when that file is found. There are 3 actions supported:
1-Allow(Lets the anticheat ignore the file and treat it as a clean file. Players status will become clean instead of pure if this file is present in his mohaa/main folder)
2-Deny(Lets the anticheat deal with the file as an infraction, the player's name will be changed to contain "[INF]" and his status will become dirty if this file is present in his mohaa/main folder)
3-Kick(Kicks the player if this file is present in his mohaa/main folder)
Note: Abusing this service will lead in banning your server from the anticheat and possibly your account too.Use it wisely.

Adding CVARS:
To add a cvar, choose a rule type of cvar.
The rule name field is the cvar name.
The rule value field is the cvar value, could be:
2-Number: there are certain number syntax that you can use to have more control over a numerical cvar:
1- More than number: >number
eg. >1
this will make the anticheat match any value of the cvar that is more than number(1).
2- Less than number: <number
eg. <1
this will make the anticheat match any value of the cvar that is less than (1).
3-More than or equal: >=number
eg. >=1
Same as more than but with equal matching too.
4-Less than or equal: >=number
eg. <=1
Same as less than but with equal matching too.
5-Equals: ==number
eg. ==1
this will make the anticheat match any value of the cvar that is equal to number(1).
6-Not Equal To: !=number
eg. !=1
this will make the anticheat match any value of the cvar that is not equal to number(1).
If the anticheat matches any of these patterns, the rule action will be done.
The rule action can be:
1-Allow: ignores the cvar.
2-Deny: Denies the cvar value and resets the cvar to it's original value.
3-Kick: Kicks the player if cvar value matches pattern.
Note: This option is very sensitive so be careful !
Adding commands:
To add a command, choose a rule type of command:
Rule name will be the command name.
Rule value must be "-".
Rule action can be one of the following:
1-Allow: anticheat ignores command.
2-Deny: anticheat disallows player from executing the command.
3-Kick: anticheat kicks user if command is executed.
Note: This option is very sensitive so be careful !
Some examples:
Disallow r_overBrightBits:
Rule Type: cvar
Rule name: r_overBrightBits
Rule value: !=0
Rule Action: Deny
Disallow cinematic:
Rule Type: command
Rule name: cinematic
Rule value: -
Rule Action: Deny
Strauchdieb We from the "[DvS] Clan" have already added many maps to our server, it works very well.
It would be nice if other clans would do the same.

We added the maps:

The Boot.pk3
MrSandman Cant we 'create' somesort of 'safe map pack' in here?
Like we can upload the allowed maps + add the file checksum code so that serverowners can add them easily to the ruleset? :)
Strauchdieb Hi MrSandman, that is a very good idea of you. I also think that there should be a Central Place where allowed custom maps to download online, of course, with md5 checksum. Then the maps should also have a name such as. AMAC-Stlo.pk3 that everyone knows it's about AlphaMAC. But good idea ... we all do not want to be cheated!
Todesengel 1) The selections for MOHAA file vs MAIN file are separate in the dropdown. What exactly is the difference between the two?

2) When selecting a file, the 'rule' name is said to be the name of the file. Of course, the checksum is also there. So is the file name actually checked? Or just the checksum? I would assume that the AC calcs a hash on each file and then compares that to the hashes on the server, regardless of file name.... so that if someone has to add ZZZZ's to a filename to affect file order, we do not have to mess with all those variables. And at the bottom of it all... I want to call the rule 'the mohaa HD mod' rather than 'ZzZzZz_MOHAAHD_FINAL.pk3' in the 'rule name' field. That work?
RyBack @Todesengel, Nope.
File name is matched too, it's case sensitive also, so a "zzz_mod.pk3" will differ from "ZZZ_mod.pk3".
same for spaces before / after a file name.
MrSandman DvS, the mappack you gave to boonhead yesterday has been set 'save' on all the WoV servers now.
Good for a start but lets consider or think about indd a possibility to create a website/forum where everyone can reach the mappacks :)
Strauchdieb Mr. Sandman, thank you for downloading the mappack and uploading it to your servers.
My idea was only that if you play on a server where only standard maps are allowed you just have to remove the mappack from the main folder ... done! 
But a central place to download would be very good!
Greeting the shrub thief
 aka Strauchdieb  :)
SplatterGuts Are there any actual instructions on how to add an approved MD5 hash list to my server? We run ~300 custom maps so this will be... fun... to set up, but I don't see any "how to" for adding that, just a how to for getting the MD5.
RyBack you can't.
300 is too much. This is not what this option is made for. You could try and make them into a single file mappack but good luck.
SplatterGuts The maps are in 19 packs, so I'd need to add those 19 files plus 3 or 4 skin packs and a few of the misc mods on my download section. Under 30 files probably. Is that what this is made for? If yes: are there actual instructions? If no: instructions would still be useful. 
RyBack I'm afraid you'd have to add 1 by another manually.
Armpower hello guys someone can help me fix dirty in mohaamac?
RyBack file->infraction fixer before you press"GO"
wstive1974 i like access server to maintance. i am admin, help !