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Thanks to our donors and beta testers!

I'd like to thank all of our donors to this day that kept the program strong and running: -Todesengel -MrSandman -Strauchdieb -Slimbips...

[Tutorial] Using AlphaMAC

Is_FY4DLxVo This will help you setup alphamac properly. Huge thanks to Egy-Army Clan for making this tutorial!

Update v1.0.8 !

Your waiting did not go in vain :) This update introduces: -Uploads can no longer be discarded. -Added upload screenshots only option. -E...

We're Back !

Hello everyone, I'm happy to say that I've finished my exams and I'm in my summer holiday now. I will be more active than regular. Current...

Screenshot upload issue & thoughts about demos.

There was an issue that occurred the few recent days, screenshots were not properly uploaded. This was due to the servers storage being full...

Roadmap & Thank you for your support!

Yet again, the mohaa community proves to be active and alive! The few donations granted in the past few hours should keep us up and running...

AlphaMAC is shutting down! but you can help keep it running !

Hello again my fellow mohaa players, When I started this project, my paradigm for it was to be community driven i.e. run by donations. Sinc...

[Temporary] Reverted to version 1.0.6

Due to compatibility issues, the anticheat will revert to v1.0.6. those who use 1.0.7 can still use it. Download:

Solution for the current update problem.

If you have any issues with the current version, please try and install this package from microsoft:

Update v1.0.7

This update intoduces: 1-Rebuild on an updated base. 2-Possible bug fixes. Download here:

Update v1.0.6

This update introduces: -Zero screenshots bug fix. This will the final fix to all screenshot related issues. Download from here: https://...

Update v1.0.5

This update introduces: -Zero screenshots bug fix. -Possible upload bug fix. Download from here:

Update v1.0.4

This update introduces: -Infraction fixer wrong path Bug fix. -Warped Screenshots Bug fix. -Package is now lightweight ( from 15 mb to 1mb...

Donation target increased!

With the current circumstances , It's a must to increase the donation target. From the time of writing this article, we have: 12502 Demos t...

Now Hiring![No salary]

Since I've been busy with university for the past 2 weeks, I don't think I can keep up with all the tough work. If you think you can be appli...