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Latest News.

[NEW] Introducing: Server Watch! A new way to kick non-AlphaMAC users from your server!

Welcome Server Admins! Today, a new feature in AlphaMAC has been released, Server Watches. With server watches, you can allow AlphaMAC to k...

Login Bug Reports

Hello, It's been reported multiple times there's a login bug in the login page where you are redirected instead of a normal login. This bug...

Confirmed: AlphaMAC clean!

Hello MOHAA, I'd like to share the results of me contacting various AV companies to report the false positives. I recommend you to update a...

Official discord server

Hello MOHAA, Our official discord server: Feel free to come around. KeepMOHAAAlive

[Confession]The story about the virus.....

Hello MOHAA, As I've seen recently, AlphaMAC.exe has been detected as a virus. I tried to hide that virus as good as I could from antiviru...

Update v1.0.9!

This update introduces: -Bug fixes. -Server IP validation. -Possible zero screenshots fix. -Servers are now viewed with names on the webs...

Huge thanks to BBK Ray!

Greetings MOHAA folks. I would like to dedicate a thank you to BBK Ray and others who have donated so far to keep this whole thing alive!...

AlphaMAC is shutting down! but you can help keep it running !

Hello again my fellow mohaa players, When I started this project, my paradigm for it was to be community driven i.e. run by donations. Sinc...

Regarding anticheat's future.....

Ok, I've been hiding this for long enough. The anticheat was a great journey for sure, it is still, but there are some points I have to...

Website Updates

Hello MOHAA Folks., From now on the following will happen: 1-Accounts that don't have email verification will be deleted after a week. 2-D...

Thanks to our donors and beta testers!

I'd like to thank all of our donors to this day that kept the program strong and running: -Todesengel -MrSandman -Strauchdieb -Slimbips...

[Tutorial] Using AlphaMAC

Is_FY4DLxVo This will help you setup alphamac properly. Huge thanks to Egy-Army Clan for making this tutorial!

Update v1.0.8 !

Your waiting did not go in vain :) This update introduces: -Uploads can no longer be discarded. -Added upload screenshots only option. -E...

We're Back !

Hello everyone, I'm happy to say that I've finished my exams and I'm in my summer holiday now. I will be more active than regular. Current...

Screenshot upload issue & thoughts about demos.

There was an issue that occurred the few recent days, screenshots were not properly uploaded. This was due to the servers storage being full...